Got a little bit busy, so the first two games have already gone by. Here are my picks though

  • NE @ TB
  • Phi @ Pit
  • Was @ Ind
  • Car @ Mia
  • Det @ Cle
  • KC @ Bal
  • Arz @ GB
  • Atl @ Jak
  • NO @ Hou
  • Oak @ SF
  • Ten @ Stl
  • Buf @ Den
  • Min @ Sea
  • Cin @ NYJ
  • SD @ Dal

One wrong so far, sadly. Hopefully the weekend will improve:)


Well to be short, I think last week had quite a few lopsided games. There were a few interesting games, but definitely some easy wins.

This week, I think we should expect to see some interesting matchups.


Lets start with Cle VS Det

If Colt McCoy gets some more play time here, and the way I think Detroit is going to emerge this year, I think this will be one match to watch.

Min VS Sea, simply because of the revenge factor.

The 3rd interesting pick I’m going to call this week is New Orleans VS Houston. Both are definite playoff contenders.


Maybe some people might not see it this way, but I think the “upset” of the week will be Buffalo VS Denver. Buffalo has most definitely worked on their defense, and with the pressure that Merriman seems to be able to bring, it should be interesting.

The big lopsided game of the week. Most definitely NYJ vs Bengals.

Day 3 Results

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Looks like a repeat of yesterday. 3/5

GB vs Cleveland is interesting I think. Last year GB was riddled with injuries, and the backups did them pretty well. Not to undermine Cleveland, but GB should have had this. Suppose the injury bug comes back to the Pack, their playoff chance might not come so easily. Not that it came THAT easy last year.

Day 2 Results

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Not as hot this time


Some disappointing losses. Falcons… losing to Miami? Awful.

What I found even more surprising was the shut out by the Bucs over the Chiefs. I may have underrated the Bucs. We’ll see what happens in the regular season.

Day 1 Results

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4/5 Picks right. Wooh!

New England showed that their backup is going to be great- especially their QB’s

Dallas managed to pull it off despite a close game

Seahawks came out on top after a rough start

Arizona pulled it off as well, but the feed was down with NFL, so I didn’t get to see any updates.

Baltimore was my only lost pick after day 1. The score was a typical Baltimore kind of score- low. I didn’t watch the much of the game, but to me there’s a slight indication that neither Baltimore or Philly have great back ups. So with that I’ll say, the Eagles might start out fresh and hot, but after a couple months there will be a few key injuries. This will probably include Vick. This is going to hurt them like it did last year. I really don’t think a 10-6 record is going to be enough for Divisional champ this year.

Pre-Season: Week 1 Picks

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Every week I’ll be posting my picks that I choose for Pro*Picks. Winners will be in bold.

  • Jac-NE
  • Bal-Phi
  • Sea-SD
  • Den-Dal
  • Ari-Oak
  • Mia-Atl
  • Cin-Det
  • Pit-Was
  • TB-KC
  • SF-NO
  • GB-Cle
  • NYG-Car
  • Buf-Chi
  • Ind-StL
  • Min-Ten
  • NYJ-Hou

It’s clear after week 1, that we do indeed have a crazy Free Agency period. We can start by saying hectic in some ways, but in others not so much. Reports were flying every which way about players going to one place or another. QB’s were a big part of that. Donovan McNabb moved to the Vikings, Vince Young found himself 2nd string in Philly, Matt Hasselback has moved on to the Titans. One move that still has yet to happen, if it all, is Kyle Orton going to Miami. It was suspected that Reggie Bush’s move might bring him in, however, Orton remains on Denver, and has collected his roster bonus (over $1million). Unquestionably, the biggest trade, and most foreseeable, was Kevin Kolb taking a starting roll in Arizona. For this Arizona traded away Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, along with a second round draft pick. The second round draft pick was certainly in question, and to be honest, I think if Arizona had’ve really played ball with Andy Reid, they could’ve gotten away with just Rodgers-Cromartie. The deal is done though, and Arizona for now is a “better” place. *note: I’m not a Kolb fan, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Arizona still isn’t a great team, even with Kolb*

During this whole period, the Jets sure made some hype, and made it quite obvious that they wanted Nnamdi Asomugha to compliment Revis. The two would unquestionably be a dangerous duo. The thing is the only person who took priority over Nnamdi, was Santonio Holmes. Yes, it’s important to keep your key players, but Rex- don’t forget you’ve got several other key players. Although fewer players than I would have thought expressed concern over this, I’m sure more than Rex thinks were thinking it in their head. Moving forward Philly out of nowhere had a better offer, and Nnamdi now joins Vick, Young, and Rodgers-Cromartie.

It doesn’t stop there for the Eagles though. The Packers were quick to cut quite a few players, and had several others in FA status. Cullen Jenkins became the fourth major addition to the Eagles. Vince Young is of course thrilled with all this news, and now calls the Eagles a dream team, and says they’re the Miami Heat of NFL. Apparently Vince didn’t pay too much attention to the finals. Regardless of the outcome of the NBA finals though, there’s no question the Eagles are stacked.

The Jets have yet to sign several key players, or add new ones despite the hype they’ve created, so we’ll move to the next big news- New England (my team!)

The only other really big splash in Week 1 were 2 “small” trades done by New England. They picked up of course, Chad Ochocinco, and Albert Haynesworth. Yes, I said “small” trades for a reason. Chad Ochocinco went for 2 late draft picks.. in the next 2 years. Albert went for a 5th round next year. So despite many people not being a fan of the trade, I’m loving it. They’ve given away hardly anything to receive 2 very motivated players. They’re both on they’re last chance, and want to make it. If they don’t do well, Bill drops them, and he’s lost hardly anything. Heck, he’ll probably end up getting those draft picks back, whether he keeps the 2 players or not.

A few other big moves happened, such as: WR Sidney Rice going to Seattle, DE Ray Edwards moving to Atlanta, as well as several others.

Most teams are in the unloading process though- cutting Veterans left right and center. A number of coaches however, don’t see this as rebuilding, but simply sticking to the program. GB, and Baltimore are two teams who dropped several key Veterans, but are following “the program”.

So much has yet to unfold though, so we’ll see what happens in Week 2. It will certainly be quick though! Training camp is coming up! Exciting!