Eli has been a topic of much debate over the last few years, and for good reason… I suppose.

Disclaimer: Me, being a Patriots fan, obviously have some bitter bias in the subject. I love the sport in general though, so I hope my bias doesn’t come through too much. If it does – life goes on, and you can express your feelings in the comments.
I’ll be brief on the subject and just say I don’t expect anything to change from last year. Maybe he won’t be as bad, but the NYG have had this game going on with Coughlin and Eli for too long now. Terrible dry spells, leading to the hot seat. Then miraculous glory. Rinse and repeat. I know the duo isn’t the only example of this, but it’s a current one, and I wish it would just end.

Maybe Eli could be #ELIte in a different system… Maybe that could even happen Mcadoo, who knows. One thing I do know is wouldn’t have let things drag out this long.


QB’s – Matthew Stafford, Alex Smith

RB’s – Jamaal Charles, Rashad Jennings, Steven Jackson, Darren Sproles

WR’s – AJ Green, Vincent Jackson, TY Hilton, Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace

TE’s – Dennis Pitta, Heath Miller

K – Stephen Gostkowski 

D – KC Chiefs

Not feeling too bad about this. The biggest focus for me was to not have too many people all on the same bye as I’ve been screwed by byes before. There were some exceptions with a few of the KC people, but I feel like my bench should be able to run deep enough to counter.

Jamaal Charles was my workhorse last year, and seems like he should be able to pull through again. Stafford is probably my biggest question mark, but I feel a bit more comfortable having Alex Smith backing him up if things are looking rough.

Any changes, as well as results will be posted 

Woah, it’s been a while!

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I’m back after quite some time. Now that I’m not in school, I’m certainly hoping for more flexibility to dedicate a good amount of time to this blog. Please note, I’m here as a fan, and not a professional football analyst, or professional writer. So with that said, I’m more than happy to have feedback on either topic, as long as it’s uplifting, not insulting. 

Got a little bit busy, so the first two games have already gone by. Here are my picks though

  • NE @ TB
  • Phi @ Pit
  • Was @ Ind
  • Car @ Mia
  • Det @ Cle
  • KC @ Bal
  • Arz @ GB
  • Atl @ Jak
  • NO @ Hou
  • Oak @ SF
  • Ten @ Stl
  • Buf @ Den
  • Min @ Sea
  • Cin @ NYJ
  • SD @ Dal

One wrong so far, sadly. Hopefully the weekend will improve:)


Well to be short, I think last week had quite a few lopsided games. There were a few interesting games, but definitely some easy wins.

This week, I think we should expect to see some interesting matchups.


Lets start with Cle VS Det

If Colt McCoy gets some more play time here, and the way I think Detroit is going to emerge this year, I think this will be one match to watch.

Min VS Sea, simply because of the revenge factor.

The 3rd interesting pick I’m going to call this week is New Orleans VS Houston. Both are definite playoff contenders.


Maybe some people might not see it this way, but I think the “upset” of the week will be Buffalo VS Denver. Buffalo has most definitely worked on their defense, and with the pressure that Merriman seems to be able to bring, it should be interesting.

The big lopsided game of the week. Most definitely NYJ vs Bengals.

Day 3 Results

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Looks like a repeat of yesterday. 3/5

GB vs Cleveland is interesting I think. Last year GB was riddled with injuries, and the backups did them pretty well. Not to undermine Cleveland, but GB should have had this. Suppose the injury bug comes back to the Pack, their playoff chance might not come so easily. Not that it came THAT easy last year.

Day 2 Results

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Not as hot this time


Some disappointing losses. Falcons… losing to Miami? Awful.

What I found even more surprising was the shut out by the Bucs over the Chiefs. I may have underrated the Bucs. We’ll see what happens in the regular season.